Sleepy Puppy Unit


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Sleepy Puppy is a multifunctional and interactive aromatherapy diffuser. Enjoy a projected light show and complimentary music, in addition to 12 hours of healthy mist.

Sleepy Puppy diffuser uses high-frequency ultrasonic technology that vibrates water inside the unit into an ultra-fine mist. When essential oils are added, they immediately disperse into the air, providing immediate benefits while helping to ionize the air. Use in your bedroom, living room, office area, or anywhere you want to create a relaxing, helpful environment.

Run Time Up to 12 hours
Actual Unit Size (L” X W” X H”) 5.5″ X 6.25″ X 5.37″
Capacity 150 ml
Misting Modes Continuous/ Off
Light Modes Warm White/ Color Rotating/ Fixed/ Off
Color Change n/a
Coverage Up To (Sq. Ft.) 400
Auto Sensor Shut Off n/a
Power 5V USB
MSRP5 59.99
Weight 1.5 oz
Dimensions 5.5 × 6.25 × 5.37 in


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