Shipping FAQs

Diffuser Name Shipping Cost/Per Case & Master Case
360 (Lavender & White) $11.99/per case & $19.99/per master case
Aegean $14.99/per case
AromaBracelets – All (7 Chakras, Meditate, Peace, Strength & Wisdom) $7.99/per case
AromaCloud $11.99/per case & $19.99/per master case
AromaNecklace (Essense & Embrace) $7.99/per case
AromaSpheres (Grey, Purple, Teal & White) $11.99/per case
Arynne $15.99/per case
Beckett $14.99/per case
Blossome $11.99/per case & Free Shipping with 2 cases
Blue Louise $14.99/per case
Breathe $11.99/per case & $19.99/per master case
Breccia $14.99/per case
Breezy $7.99/per case
Car Breeze $7.99/per case
Carrara Marble $14.99/per case
Car Scent $7.99/per case
Creature Comforts – All (Jax the Frog, Lulu the Duck, Mimi the Cat, Rosie the Pig & Variety Pack) $11.99/per case & $19.99/per master case
Cube Trekker Black $7.99/per case
Daisy $14.99/per case
Dew Drop $15.99/per case
Elena $15.99/per case
Fountain $18.99/per case
Geodesy $14.99/per case
Greenspace $7.99/per case
Grey Shale $14.99/per case
Infiniti $11.99/per case & $19.99/per master case
Joy $14.99/per case
Kala $14.99/per case
Kanalu $14.99/per case
Kate $15.99/per case
LaBrisa (Grey, Teal & White) $9.99/per case
Leah $14.99/per case
Luce $11.99/per case & Free Shipping with 2 cases
Marble Blue $14.99/per case
Marble Grey $14.99/per case
Meadow $14.99/per case
Modello $7.99/per case
Morocco Metal $9.99/per case
Naturel $9.99/per case
Nebula $18.99/per case
Nebulizer $15.99/per case
Queenie the Unicorn $9.99/per case
Refill Pads – All $7.00/per case
Rosa $14.99/per case
Rowan $14.99/per case
Savannah $18.99/per case
Scent Trekker (Lavender & White) $7.99/per case
Sienna Car Bamboo $7.99/per case
SpaMister Marble $14.99/per case
SpaStream $9.99/per case
SpaTrekker $7.99/per case
SpaVapor 2.0 $11.99/per case & $19.99/per master case
SpaVapor+ $11.99/per case & Free Shipping with 2 cases
SpaVapor Pro $11.99/per case & Free Shipping with 2 cases
Stella (Black & Teal) $14.99/per case
Tara $14.99/per case
Trellis $9.99/per case
Tulip $14.99/per case
Urbane $11.99/per case & $19.99/per master case
Urbane Sienna Bamboo $11.99/per case & $19.99/per master case
USB Breeze $7.99/per case
Victorian Metal $11.99/per case
White Marble $14.99/per case
White Matte $14.99/per case
Willow Forest (Black & White) $11.99/per case & $19.99/per master case
Yes, upon request. Please contact your sales rep for pricing.
Within 7-10 business days.
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